Pedal-powered bars return to Toronto this spring but there's a catch


Bikes and brews will reunite once again this spring with the return of Pedal Pub Toronto for its second season.

The attraction, which debuted in the city last year, is a modified version of the mobile pedal-powered bar experiences popular in major European cities, with the unfortunate catch that no alcohol is served during the actual ride.

Instead of serving drinks on board, Toronto’s watered-down pedal pub experience stops at a selection of local watering holes where passengers can booze up before moving on to the next spot.

Pedal Pub Toronto is launching its return to city streets through a fundraising effort in partnership with the Toronto Humane Society (THS). It will be booking private and public tours at reduced prices until May 7, with all proceeds going to THS.

Lyle Jones, Co-Owner at Pedal Pub Toronto, calls the partnership a “win-win,” saying that in addition to guests enjoying the city and supporting local bars, riders will “also get to support the Toronto Humane Society.”

“We’re excited to be back,” added Jones.

Tours of up to 15 will stop at three local bars, breweries, and patios over the course of their two-hour rides, with stops including Stackt Market, Belfast Love, Mascot Brewery, RendezViews, Amsterdam BrewHouse by the Lake, and Steam Whistle Biergarten.

“Toronto needs more fun, and that’s why we started this business. It’s almost impossible to not have fun when you mix music, friends, exercise, drinks, and being outside. We call these bikes rolling smile machines,” said Aleksandra Burke, Co-Owner at Pedal Pub Toronto.

Pedal Pub Toronto debuted with just two tipsy-human-powered vehicles last year, and has doubled its fleet for the 2023 season.

These bikes are hand-made in the Netherlands, offering U-shaped bars powered by ten pedalling seats, and five freeloader seats for those too inebriated or just straight-up lazy to contribute.

Pedal Pubs were a novel sight on Toronto streets last year, and even caught the attention of a visiting DJ Khaled, who made headlines last July when he chased one of the group bikes down to get in on the party.

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