Centennial Park might be the most underrated spot to see cherry blossoms in Toronto


Cherry blossoms in Toronto are finally in bloom, and people are flocking by the masses to hot spots like High Park and Trinity Bellwoods to catch a glimpse of the annual event.

However, if you’d prefer to avoid the crowds, Centennial Park in Etobicoke might be the most underrated place with the biggest payoff to see the flowering Sakura trees. 

The park is located at Toronto’s northwest corner, boasting the second largest concentration of cherry blossoms in Toronto after High Park with a total of 463 trees.

In 1967, the City of Toronto opened the park to the public in celebration of Canada’s 100th birthday. There are a number of playgrounds, sports fields, and other facilities for visitors to enjoy, with tons of grassy areas to take in the serene setting or have a picnic.

Within the park, you’ll find the majority of the cherry blossom trees in the Northeast corner. The trees line Rathburn Road, Centennial Park Boulevard, and dot the Centennial Park Conservatory.

The Sakura trees are currently in bloom at Centennial Park, but if you plan to visit, don’t wait too long as they typically only last up to two weeks.

Parking is free, and there is also TTC bus service along Rathburn Road. You’ll find Centennial Park at 151 Elmcrest Rd in Etobicoke.

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