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Kelly Bone in the Wolfpack HQ, Kingston Ontario, Canada

Born in Montreal and raised in Kingston, Ontario Canada, Kelly Bone’s elemental journey to success is like the formation of a river. From humble beginnings, her story starts off as a tiny stream making its way down a mountainside, finding the next turn, being fed by sources along the way, gaining momentum until it is an unstoppable force. The rushing water continues on to create a series of networks and paths carved into “solid rock” that will forever be a part of history. Much like a river, she was confident in the direction life was taking her, accepting the positions that stretched her and showed what she was made of. Now she uses her experience and global business network to influence and impact the world by helping others grow and find their divine way as well.

Bone entered the workforce as Sales and Marketing Coordinator for Fairmont Hotels and Resorts, earning accolades after just a few short years. Did she have any inkling while she celebrated those first awards of Top Sales Team in North America and Top Individual Sales and Marketing Employee, that this was just the beginning of such a prosperous career? These early wins laid the foundation for her, and illuminated strengths she didn’t know were within her.

The achievements caught the attention of family friend and the Fairmont’s executive, the late and celebrated, Serge Simard, who recruited her to open a new hotel, The Fairmont Dubai. This was to be the first international hotel opened by the Fairmont outside of Bermuda, and while Bone had no previous experience in this, she accepted the opportunity without hesitation. Thriving in the start-up environment, Bone discovered whilst in Dubai that she loved building from the ground up. When someone is actively living for their purpose, it seems as though everything they touch turns to gold. Even the most challenging work leaves them fulfilled and energized. Bone served as the prime example of this then, when awarded Top Conferencing Sales Manager, more than doubling the sales numbers of her fellow Sales Managers. The general opinion of cautious people is to “look before you leap.” Taking the leap of faith BEFORE second-guessing was a well-made decision then and became a staple throughout her career. Bone explains, “I did go to university and had come from an entrepreneurial family, but was never set up for the experience that I gained through Fairmont Hotels and Resorts! I’m really grateful to Serge for believing in me, and to Fairmont for providing me the leadership education that led me to be the entrepreneur I am today, “ she says. “Even still today with the companies I own, my philosophies around company culture, creating high performance company environments and of course gold service always – I draw from my experience that I had with Fairmont, because that’s part of my entrepeneurial foundation.” Had Bone allowed herself to be washed up on the shores of self-doubt, she would never have had the chance to push past her limits.

The Fairmont Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE

A synchronistic turn of events steered her again into the arena of starting from the ground up. Standing in the right place, and at the right moment, she was offered another opportunity to grow. This time she would be part of the expansion of the Middle East office for the Society of Petroleum Engineers. Bone recounts this moment, saying, “I thought, if I could open up a hotel, surely I can open up new markets for the energy sector. I quickly became a leading project manager for that organization and was given the responsibility of producing high profile projects and membership relationships in India and Africa.” These regions were not highly sought-after and offered her the chance to get her foot in the door. She waxes lyrical about this, saying, “The challenges I was facing in that part of the world, as a young woman with no experience, really built up my armor.”

This armor she developed would be put to great use over the next decade as Bone reached new heights in her career. She accepted a position expanding a commercial Oil and Gas company into the Middle East and Africa, then went on to start her very own company eventually, PG Research, with the last $1000 in her bank account. As she reflects back she remarks the importance of her “blueprint for success” method. How she applied it to build a multimillion dollar a year company with over 100+ employees worldwide with two offices, one in the Middle East and another in Latin America. After a 15 year run in the Petroleum Sector, she saw a huge opportunity to transition and expand into Real Estate, appointed as a Founding Partner, Investor in the master franchise, and becoming the Chief Operating Officer of Keller Williams Realty for Panama. Her journey continued to Egypt, throughout Canada, and all across the world. In every one of these experiences, there was immense growth through successes and hardships. In each of her international business ventures, Bone continued to find herself in the right place at the right time, divinely guided by synchronicity. There was no exception in the development of her current consulting company, WOLFPACK SOLUTIONS, and now in her new book soon to come out, “Holy Shift.” 2022 is a big year for Bone! She plans to quantum leap IMPACT, a media and events company with HQ in the Philippines and ME office in Egypt. Check out her Instagram and follow her there for real time updates on all her latest projects.

Kelly Bone is far from finished taking the world by storm. Her accomplished background is marked by persistence, a commitment to hard work, taking gigantic leaps of faith and saying yes to those opportunities the Universe delivers to her doorstep. She is truly an industry disruptor. Now as she acquires companies and takes on new industries, she seeks but purpose and impact to change the lives she serves.

Kelly Bone is also the founder of the fastest growing Mortgage expansion team in Canada Wolfpack Mortgage Solutions. She dreams of growing the company into a billion dollar brokerage within the next couple of years. Given her history this will happen without a doubt! She is certainly on her way to doing so.

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