Worm Farms Taking Over Canada With Ethey’s Zero-Waste Food Production Service

Ethey are providing a real solution to the problem of food waste in food production service.



Your next meal could prevent one pound of food waste and another pound of gas emissions, and it’s all thanks to worm farms.


With the launch of their newest cooked-meal delivery brand Ethey, Kyle Standaert and Nick Spina are providing a sustainable, 0% food waste service, and they have some helpful partners who love themselves a few food scraps. This is where these crawling friends come into play. By eating the food scraps as part of the production process, they produce castings, which are then turned into high quality fertilizer, becoming the first real solution to the problem of food waste in the cooked-meal delivery industry.


According to the National Zero Waste Council’s research on household food waste in Canada, almost 2.2 million tons of edible food is wasted each year while the average waste per Canadian was 673 kilograms per year. Every ton of organic waste that went to landfills generated an estimated .75 tons of carbon emissions. More relevant are the statistics that show meals sourced from a store are responsible for 33% more greenhouse gas emissions than the equivalent meal from meal kit service. 

Ethey is a culinary company, backed by Gary Vaynerchuk, dedicated to providing Chef-prepared delicious meals, that are delivered directly to you, and promises every meal is not only served meal-ready but also helps create sustainability. 


Its famed “The Wormery” is located in the basement of their 35,000-foot production facility in London, Ontario. As well as preventing one pound of food waste with each meal sold thanks to their environmentally friendly cooking processes, the more they grow in sales the more they help the environment with less waste. For example, their packaging is designed to be reusable, compostable, and even consumable. Furthermore, they’re focused on saving one billion tonnes’ worth of food waste. 


To date, they have reduced food waste by over one million pounds.


Ethey utilise larger cooking apparatus, which saves energy because of their ability to make meals en masse. However, achieving zero-waste is no easy feat. It requires lots of reducing, reusing, and recycling much of their ingredients and other resources. Though, in a way that may be inconceivable to many, this innovative company has succeeded to become the first Zero-Waste Food Production Service, in Canada, thanks to worms. On-top of that, they are the only cooked-meal delivery service in Canada that can ship coast-to-coast. The only one delivering to each and every province in our great nation.


Nick Spina, founder & CEO of Ethey, lives by the motto; “everything serves a purpose,” and his company is no exception. Ethey’s main goal is to make its consumers happy with fast and nutritious meals, delivered to their doorstep – while avoiding their carbon footprint as much as possible. The food is cooked and delivered within a 24-hour time frame ensuring fresh food, and – after heating for three minutes, a nutritious meal can be enjoyed.


“The long-term plan is to make such an impact here in Canada, that we can grow exponentially, and maintain our position as leaders in the meal distribution market,” says Standaert. “I can envision Ethey expanding globally in the next year.”


Ethey is the premium food distribution service in Canada. To find out about this uniquely sustainable culinary company, visit https://ethey.com/.


Edited by Sarshar Hosseinnia 

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