Fire breaks out after explosion in Toronto subway station


Toronto’s busiest subway station was shut down Tuesday morning amid reports of an explosion and an ensuing fire in a tunnel adjacent to the platform.

Just after 10 a.m. on Tuesday, the TTC tweeted that service had been halted between St. Clair and College for reports of a fire, deploying shuttle buses between St. Clair and Bloor stations.

CityNews shared exclusive video captured from the station’s Line 1 platform, showing what reportedly began as an electrical fire raging just beyond the station platform.

All the while, commuters can be seen lining the platform edge, phones in hand, for a chance to record the chaos.

Emergency crews responded to the scene, and the fire has reportedly since been extinguished, however, there has been no update from the TTC on the resumption of train service on the busiest stretch of the Line 1 subway.

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