135 cats were just rescued from a hoarder house near Toronto


The Toronto Cat Rescue is helping relocate 135 cats that were rescued from a hoarder home outside of the city.

The cats were discovered living in overcrowded conditions in a home “a couple of hours from Toronto,” Communications Director for Toronto Cat Rescue, Cassandra Koenen told blogTO in an email. In total there were 200 cats found, with 50 going to another rescue group.

The cats, which were in need of immediate medical attention and all required to be spayed and neutered, range from kittens to adults.

“The challenge of situations like these, is that the owner does not recognize that they have too many animals until it’s too late,” Koenen said. “Unsterilized females can have two or three litters a year. If each litter is four or five kittens, the numbers of cats in the home spirals very quickly out of control.”

The first 80 cats will be transferred to Toronto on April 25. They include 11 queens nursing, 41 kittens and five advanced pregnant females. The remaining 55 cats will be transferred within the next couple of weeks.

All the cats will be fully assessed and placed in temporary foster homes until they are ready for adoption.

“We are grateful to have been able to rescue these cats from such a challenging situation,” Koenen said. “Our team of volunteers will work tirelessly to ensure that every cat receives the care and attention they need. We’re thankful to be able to give these cats a second chance at a better life.”

For information on how you can help support these cats, please visit Toronto Cat Rescue’s website at torontocatrescue.ca.

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